How to become an engineer: Live webinar recording

So you want to become an engineer? Hear from three real-life STEM professionals busting myths in this 30 minute live webinar!

How to become an engineer engineer magazine cover image
Hear from real-life engineers featured in the latest edition of Careers with STEM.

In this video, Careers with STEM co-founder and journalist Heather Catchpole online speed tests the 2020 edition of Careers with STEM: Engineering and talks to three real-life engineers working on some fascinating challenges in their careers. Find out how to become an engineer from people who have already forged their own awesome, diverse career paths!

In this myth-busting, half-hour live webinar recording, you’ll hear from Huy Nguyen, a disability inclusion activist who switched from industrial design to humanitarian engineering, Genevieve De Michele an engineer taking on the challenges of designing future cities, and Emillie Thiselton, a software engineer improving banking services.

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This event is proudly bought to you by Careers with STEM partners QUT and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).


Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma is the Managing Editor of Careers with STEM magazine. She has previously worked as Digital Managing Editor at Australian Geographic and a staff writer at Cosmos science magazine.



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