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Video playlist: Webinar recordings you don’t want to miss

Webinar recordings playlist

From cool science careers to busting engineering myths, get insights from the STEM pros working in your dream areas

Switch off Netflix because here’s your after school viewing sorted! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite and most popular webinar recordings so you can soak up all the words of wisdom from incredible people studying and working in science, technology, engineering and maths. There’s no better way to learn about STEM careers than hearing the journeys, tips and tricks from those who have already forged their own paths. We chat to data scientists, cyber security consultants, physicists fighting COVID, future energy specialists and more. View the full playlist on YouTube and the highlights below.

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Webinar recordings playlist

1. Careers with STEM: Science + X Webinar

Science careers are more than just lab coats and experiments. The truth is, science is a really broad area to work in. People who have a science degree can work in government, in business, with the environment, or anywhere. Often without a lab in sight.

In this webinar you’ll meet an astrophysicist who specialises in galaxy evolution and supermassive black holes, a space entrepreneur who is experimenting with growing plants on the moon and an earth and atmospheric scientists who’s monitoring and saving our coral.

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2. Meet a Cyber Security TAFE Grad & Digital Forensics Expert

In this webinar, we highlight the diverse and sometimes surprising pathways into a career in cyber security, bust myths around what it means and looks like to work in this crucial sector, emphasise the importance of non-technical skills and meet real-life cyber professionals with inspiring career stories.

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3. Bust Engineering Myths + Discover How to Become an Engineer

Hear from a disability inclusion activist who switched from industrial design to humanitarian engineering, an engineer taking on the challenges of designing future cities and a software engineer improving banking services.

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4. 2022 Young Space Explorers Webinar

This must-watch space careers webinar was hosted by us and brought to you by the STEM Industry School Partnerships, Lockheed Martin, the Australian Space Agency and Fizzics Education.

In the video, you’ll hear from:

  • Sandra Magnus, Engineer & former NASA Astronaut
  • Adrian Brown, Deputy Program Scientist, Mars 2020 Mission
  • Ted Tagami, CEO and co-founder of, Education Chair for the User Advisory Committee of the ISS US National Lab
  • Alice Fairey, Senior Programs and Operations Officer, Australian Space Agency

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5. Meet a Chaos Engineer, Google Intern + More!

Discover how you can combine technology with your passion for anything from fashion, humanities and health, to space, education or conservation to create your dream career. Meet real-life tech professionals with diverse pathways, including VET and non-uni grads.

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