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Welcome to the new-look Careers with STEM website!

Whether you’re a student, grad, teacher or parent, the new-look Careers with STEM site is here to inspire!

Everyone loves a fresh look, and on the back of our 10-year anniversary, Careers with STEM has had a makeover to better showcase what we do.

With the new Careers with STEM site we’re hoping to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and be inspired along the way.

The new site reflects the diverse and growing audiences we serve, including students, graduates, teachers and parents.

Our STEM + X page is front and centre because this is what our audience tells us they most value – it’s designed to help bust STEM stereotypes and help students see the many careers STEM education can lead to. The X could be a passion, an interest, another subject or a big opportunity.

STEM is a foundation, not a destination, and the Careers with STEM website is here to open everyone’s eyes to the many jobs that STEM skills are useful for, from carpentry to zoology.

We’ve also got a large and growing resource of more than 40 magazines and job kits and more than 700 people talking about their STEM career, how they got there and tips for what to do now to help you reach your dream career. You’ll find these on almost every page on the new site.

We’ve also got more coverage coming for graduates in our new Graduate Options section, from info on emerging STEM employers to scholarships and grad programs.

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

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