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What is Careers with STEM?

Careers with STEM images

The Careers with STEM hub includes a quarterly magazine, posters, videos, quizzes and website to help students discover the careers of the future. With eye-catching design, compelling stories and quizzes, plus a directory of study options, the magazines smash stereotypes about what STEM careers look like.

Each year we deliver four magazines across each of the STEM disciplines – Science (term 1), Maths (term 2), Engineering (term 3) and Code (term 4); plus special editions, like Data Science, Economics and Cybersecurity. Over 1.5 million free magazines have been read by students across the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

With 75% of future jobs will require STEM skills, just 16% of high-school graduates are enrolling in STEM degrees in Australia. Many of the careers of the future will combine STEM skills with other areas. We call it ‘STEM + X’. Like Technology + Fashion =  3D printed clothes. Maths + Sport = footy statistician.

Using Careers with STEM in classrooms

Careers with STEM brings you practical solutions for integrating STEM learning, and provides examples of how the STEM skills you teach can lead to amazing careers in any field. We create content for high schoolers that doubles as excellent teacher resources for the high school classroom.

You can:

The Foundation for Young Australian’s New Work Reality report shows that lack confidence about their working futures. It’s estimated that 65% of kids in school today will go into careers that don’t exist yet.

Start a conversation today with your child or students about what the careers of the future will look like. You can read for free online or subscribe and order copies here.

Want to become an expert on STEM careers? Get the basics here

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