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5 exciting industries you could work in as an engineer

Where Do Engineers Work?

Interested in engineering? There are so many epic places you could work!

Ever wondered where do engineers work? Well, one of the coolest things about working in engineering is being able to come up with solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. And this can take you into so many different fields – energy, environment, education, health and even to space.

Below, we’ve profiled five engineers all doing amazing things in the areas they are passionate about. Use this as inspo to build your very own career in engineering. Need help deciding which one of your passions to combine with STEM? Take our STEM + X quiz to start planning your future pathway.

Where do engineers work? Everywhere!

Just ask these amazing STEM pros…

1. At the bank

Just like Pranavi Gangapuri! She flexes her skills even more as a graduate developer at the Commonwealth Bank (CBA). Her 9-5 involves writing code, working as part of a team and writing documentation.

“The field of STEM and specifically engineering is very diverse!” Pranavi says. “There are some cool and really interesting spaces arising with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis being combined with software development.”

2. In telecommunications

As a grad network software specialist at Telstra, a typical day for Brooke Jones involves working on cutting-edge technology, including robots, at Telstra’s 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast.

“I work on multiple projects while also engaging with customers to showcase what Telstra’s emerging network technologies are,” she says. “I’m always learning and I have the ability to gain experience from some of the best in the business, and since Telstra is a telecommunications leader, I’m often working on initiatives that haven’t been achieved before.”

3. At TAFE and universities

Keen on STEM + education? Become an engineering trades teacher like Melinda Jeffery. She started her STEM study and career path at TAFE, became an apprentice then realised she wanted to do more to mentor and teach new apprentices coming into the trade, but that wasn’t always feasible on the job.

“Then I got a call from one of my teachers at TAFE and they said: ‘How would you like to try your hand at teaching?’ And I said: ‘Yeah, let’s give it a try’,” she recalls.

“I started off as a casual, just doing night classes. And after I did that for six months, I realised I loved it.”

4. In consulting

Mechanical engineer

From working on giant dam projects like Sydney’s Warragamba, to visiting mega pipelines measuring more than two metres wide, graduate mechanical engineer Abby Hutchins loves that no one project is the same as the next in her gig at global engineering firm WSP.

“It’s never repetitive. You are always looking at a new problem and there’s always a different type of solution to it, which honestly, that’s the part I enjoy the most,” Abby says.

5. For the Defence Force

As an electronics engineer in the RAAF Mohamed uses his aerospace engineering skills to help protect Australia from air and missile threats.

This sees him working alongside a team of people building the RAAF’s capability in surveillance and control systems as part of the Integrated Air and Missile Defence System.

As an aerospace engineer, he says there’s no better place to be than Defence.

Find out more about engineering careers

To find even more ways to combine engineering with your passion, goals or big idea, check out the latest issue of Careers with STEM: Engineering. It’s free to read online and was also sent to every secondary school in Australia!

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