Who are the most influential climate activists?

Who are the most influential climate activists
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We all know that words are powerful, especially when it comes world issues like climate change. With social media activism on the rise, influential climate activists are using their platforms to inform as well as highlight these issues, while taking different approaches to do this.

The clever team at SaveOnEnergy wanted to find out who the most influential climate activists are on Twitter, looking at things like the frequency of positive words in comparison to negative ones. Using Semrush, they analysed thousands of tweets and the findings are super interesting!

The most influential climate activist is marine biolgist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson – tweeting six times more positively than negatively.

Climate and environmental activist Greta Thunberg is the most negative, using positive words less than half the time!

Here you can see what other influential climate activists have been up to on Twitter…

Other interesting results were that…

  • Climate change is talked about 65 times more positively online (1,166 to 933)
  • Love (9), great (4) and justice (4) are the most popular positive words
  • The most popular negative words are crisis (10), bad (4), ban (3) and hell (3)

You can read the full report here.

Who are the most influential climate activists
Image: Karl Nesh / Shutterstock

And if you’re inspired to use your skills, passion and voice to save the world from one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced, why not consider a global warming career? From agricultural scientist to renewable energy engineer, there are multiple exciting career options available for those wanting to make a difference.

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