Win a creative internship with Samsung’s “This is a STEM job” competition

What’s your dream career? Do you want to break into a creative industry, like music, fashion or design – or does a job where you get to use science or tech skills float your boat? The truth is that there’s probably more overlap between creative jobs and STEM careers than you might think!

In November 2018, Samsung ran the This is a STEM job competition to win one of three once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to intern with three mentors. Find out more about the internships and mentors below!


Sounds like a great opportunity!

Sound engineer, music producer and musical artist, Antonia Gauci experiments with phasing, vibrations and tech to achieve the sound she wants. She’s mixed and produced for artists like Kesha, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and has heaps of advice for budding music producers and sound engineers in her Careers with STEM profile. Check out Antonia’s studio here.

To win a music internship, entrants had to create a short piece of music and send in the MP3 or link – find out more here.



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Sea a future in STEM + sport

Gary Elphick is revolutionising surfing by combining his love of the sport with STEM. He’s using technology like 3D printing and material blending to make the optimum surfboard. Take a tour of his workshop here.

To win a surfboard design internship, entrants had to design the surfboard of the future – find out more here.


Fancy working in fashion?

Fashion designer and UTS researcher Mark Liu has the ambitious goal of producing fashion that’s 100% style and 0% waste. He applies complex mathematical formulae to his designs and uses innovative material technology to push the envelope in environmentally-friendly fashion.

Read more about Mark on Careers with STEM and take a tour of his studio.

To win a fashion internship, entrants had to design some eco-friendly fashion – find out more here


The comp was open to all Australian entrants aged 12-25, and runners up could score a Galaxy Note9, Gear VR and a Galaxy TabS4 too. Winners will be announced on 7 December!

Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

Author: Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

Larissa is the editorial assistant for Careers with STEM and a Chemistry PhD student. Larissa’s goal is to promote public engagement with STEM through inspiring stories.


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