Student work

Can you go from student work to dream job – without even having an interview?

Tech Girls Movement

Ever wonder what it would be like to build an app? Here's a friendly competition anyone can get involved in!

Why choose careers in health?

Interested in careers in health? Here are a few reasons why you could be on the path to an amazing future.

Go Girl

A fun, free, interactive event for girls to explore IT? Sign me up!

Applied Psychology

Study at The Australian College of Applied Psychology today to prepare for the psychology of the future.

Occupational health and safety

Careers as an occupational health and safety advisor are in high demand.

Science careers

There’s a trove of opportunities awaiting science graduates, even if the treasure map can be tricky to follow at times.

Science + Technology

Combining technology and science allows us to think big and solve challenges in computing, medicine and the environment.

Graduate jobs

Not all graduate programs are the same, so look out for one that's ahead of the game.

Google interns

Google's Steph Borgman explains what interns learn from working at Google, and what they bring to the team.


Research at the University of Sydney sees biologists and chemists working side by side on treating disease.