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10 women in tech doing amazing things

Nina Rajcic - women in tech

To celebrate International Girls in ICT Day, we are shouting the achievements of these tech experts from the rooftops!

From artificial intelligence to agritech, meet 10 women in tech who are kicking goals and smashing stereotypes in their fields. We hope their incredible CVs and journeys inspire you to jump on your very own technology career path!

1. Nina Rajcic, Artist and Tech Researcher

Nina Rajcic is using art to investigate human-computer relationships for her PhD at Monash University’s Faculty of IT. One of Nina’s projects is Mirror Ritual, an interactive artwork she completed during the first year of her PhD at Sensilab. The work, which has been exhibited locally and internationally, applies AI-based emotion recognition technology in a mirror. The viewer sits in front of the mirror, which is also a screen on which AI-generated poetry appears, formulated based on the viewers’ perceived emotional state.

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2. Divya Sharma, Client Onboarding Manager

Divya Sharma is the Client Onboarding Manager for Faethm AI – an artificial intelligence platform that provides data on the impact of automation.

She helps clients generate useful insights from their data to ensure they get maximum value out of the partnership.

Her advice for future STEM pros? Start early! “Once you have the background in STEM, it is easy to switch to different genres if you want to at a later stage,” Divya explains. “Since, tech is now ingrained in all professions, it would be useful to have a strong tech foundation upon which you can keep building on.”

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3. Simone Barakat, Agritech Product Manager

Mixing agriculture with STEM has set Simone Barakat up with an awesome career in agritech!

She works as a product manager for Farmbot, an agritech company who has built an Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that monitors and reports on farm water infrastructure. Her role involves understanding their customers’ pain points then working with software engineers to create solutions.

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4. Katrina Donaghy, CEO & Co-Founder, Civic Ledger

Katrina Donaghy co-founded Civic Ledger, which builds modern platforms and marketplaces with blockchain technology to solve some of the planet’s most serious challenges.

As CEO, co-founder and company director, she’s involved in everything from culture and strategy to finance and business development.

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5. Sophie Kaelin, Cyber Security Consultant

Working as a penetration tester (a.k.a. pen tester) in EY’s Red Team, it’s Sophie Kaelin’s job to “hack” web or mobile apps and devices to uncover vulnerabilities.

Her advice for working in tech? Be comfortable in accepting that you don’t and never will know everything. “Tech is a difficult field to be in because there is so much to learn and cyber attacks grow and change every day.”

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6. Lesley Woodhouse, Digital Knowledge Keeper

Lesley Woodhouse is a Darug woman bringing Indigenous culture to the world as CEO Wingaru Education. Her aim? Making Aboriginal content more accessible through digital channels.

If you’re keen on tech + innovation, Lesley suggests doing your research to make sure that your idea is going to connect to the market. “If your first idea doesn’t connect the way you want it to, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. Keep tweaking it, and you will find where you are meant to go.”

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7. Jennifer Cheng, Site Reliability Engineer

As a site reliability engineer, it’s Jennifer Cheng’s job to make sure Google Photos runs smoothly.

This gig is perfect for anyone who loves problem-solving, and Jennifer says she loves working on and maintaining a product on such a large scale, not only focusing on building features, but also improving the product as a whole.

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8. Katia Vega, Computer scientist

Katia Vega invented Beauty Technology, a computing platform dedicated to creating the next generation of tech-led cosmetic products.

In an average week Katia embeds electromagnetic magnets into false nails to open doors, designs temporary tattoos equipped with LEDs for high-fashion catwalks and programs intuitive false lashes to turn on lights!

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9. Ash Lennox-Steele, Security Analyst

Ash Lennox-Steele kicked off her career with a Masters of Information Security and Digital Forensics at Auckland University of Technology. And now? She’s working as a Security Analyst with New Zealand’s state-owned TV network, TVNZ, making sure it’s secure as possible from cybersecurity threats.

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10. Adele Hauwai, Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur Adele Hauwai is currently working on three incredible tech + social good projects!

  • SeeCom, which merges sign language and technology
  • Mana Digital – empowering whānau through technology
  • Healing Innovation Hub, which is creating holistic health and wellbeing resources, and looking at establishing an Indigenous health-line.

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Looking for more women in tech role models? Head on over to our women in STEM hub!

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