Writing a cover letter

writing a cover letter

4 tips for writing your cover letter

While your LinkedIn profile is your introduction to potential employers, the cover letter is your personalised pitch.

In addition to reinforcing the skills on your profile, writing a cover letter is your chance to show how you stand out from other candidates.

Striking a balance between personality and professionalism is essential.

Here’s how you can do it:

Tell a story

Bring your skills and qualifications to life by putting your career path in story form. Develop a strong opening paragraph that outlines your strongest skills.

When writing a cover letter, describe how those skills map to the role you’re applying for.

Finally, describe where your skills, personality and unique talents will take you.

Do your research

Show that you’ve done your research and that you understand the company’s goals.

Get ahead by using their Company Page to learn more about recent projects and culture.

Tie it back to why you’ll make a good fit at the company.

Keep it short

Cover letters should be one page or less. Remember, writing a cover letter does not mean reprinting your resume. Expand upon important points, but keep it concise.

After writing a cover letter, edit endlessly

Print out your cover letter, walk away from the computer and read it aloud. This will help you catch typos, and make sure the letter is clear and conversational.

In addition, ask someone else to review it. Fresh eyes will help.

These tips on writing a cover letter were first shared in LinkedIn’s Student Job Hunting Handbook. Read the full handbook here.

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“When writing a cover letter, describe how your skills map to the job you’re applying for.”

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