Year of the data science jobs

Aspiring data analysts, scientists, engineers and architects, welcome to 2021… year of the data science jobs! You will be stoked to know that the National Skills Commission has put jobs in data science at the top of its “emerging occupations” list!

This means that data analytics skills are most frequently mentioned in Australian job ads over any other skills. Whoa!

So what exactly is data science and what do data scientists do? Data science is all about extracting value from data, by combining things like statistics, scientific methods and data analysis. To harness that value, data scientists need to be skilled in mathematical, statistical and computer sciences. They don’t just read and interpret data. Their job is to uncover new insights, understand key drivers of important outcomes, make predictions and then communicate this info to organisations, institutions and governments to help them make smart, data-supported decisions. Sounds super interesting, right?

Data scientists can work in a broad range of industries, such as health, manufacturing, social media, finance, climate, so it’s perfect to combine with an area or subject you’re passionate about.

If you want to hear all about it from a real-life data scientist, check out our chat with Kshira Sagaar. Kshira is the Group Director of Data Science & Analytics at Global Fashion Group (GFG), parent company of fashion websites like The Iconic and La Doma.


We’ve spoken to plenty of other amazing data scientists too. Get amongst some other data science jobs and study pathways by meeting…

Wanna know more about becoming a data scientist? Our Data Scientist Job Kit is filled with insights, info and advice on this career. It’s free to download and will definitely get you inspired about all the awesome jobs in this field.

Louise Meers

Author: Louise Meers

Louise is Careers with STEM’s digital content strategist. She has a journalism degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and has spent over a decade writing for youth. She is passionate about inspiring young people to achieve their biggest goals and build a better future.


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