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To enter the next University of Adelaide Young Scientist of the Year Video Competition, make a 2-5 minute video presentation addressing one of Australia’s big science challenges in either energy & critical minerals, wildlife conservation, or agriculture.

TOPIC 1: Energy and Critical Minerals

Energy and critical minerals: We need to find energy sources that are renewable, and don’t create greenhouse gas emissions. We also need to improve our capacity for energy storage – think South Australia’s battery farm funded by Elon Musk. To make the materials for renewable energy technology and new generation batteries we need new supplies of critical minerals: cobalt, lithium, and rare earth elements.

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TOPIC 2: Wildlife conservation

Wildlife conservation: From tiger snakes to bandicoots, quolls to quokkas and corroboree frogs to cockatoos, Australia has unique and special wildlife. In fact, 87 per cent of our mammal species, 93 per cent of our reptiles, 94 per cent of our frogs and 45 per cent of our bird species are found only in Australia! Wildlife faces many threats, and we’re losing species faster than we ever have before. At the same time, we’re learning more about our wildlife, through the use of new technology, like drones and satellites to collect data and monitor habitats.

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TOPIC 3: Agriculture

Agriculture: From dryland salinity to drought tolerance, agriculture in Australia faces big challenges. How can science help to solve environmental challenges in agriculture? From shovels with sensors that can test the soil on the go, to genes that can suppress pests like mice and locusts before they devastate crops, and breeding new drought-tolerant grape varieties – investigate science’s smart solutions to agricultural problems.

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