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10 of the latest AI developments for personal use: helpful, caring, fun or just plain random.

1. DoNotPay

Don’t fancy fighting your parking fine in court? British teenager and Stanford Uni student Joshua Browder has created a chatbot which has successfully appealed thousands of parking tickets.

2. Clevertar 

Intelligent responsive avatars. This Flinders University-developed project has developed Anna Cares to help people with care needs live independently in the community, and is working on a male spin-off, Michael.

3. Bridge Kitchen (still in development)

This smart kitchen aid reads and understands recipes. It understands both speech and non-speech audio (such as the sound of chopping) to give you tailored advice while you cook.


4. Lyra

Helps you kick green goals by allowing you to automatically track your personal carbon emissions by monitoring your behaviour throughout the day.

5. Iris.AI

For scientists lacking a research assistant to carry out their menial work, Iris.AI will comb through vast databases of scientific literature to select the most relevant articles.

giphy sherlock

6. ELI

Your own personal language trainer. It records and analyses your daily conversations via a small wearable microphone and generates personalized foreign language lessons for you.


The easiest way you’ll hit your savings goals: This app automatically rounds up every purchase you make and invests the spare change.

8. PhotoMath

An automatic maths problem solver taken to the next level: just take a photo of a problem on your phone and it will provide a worked solution.

maths giphy AI

9. Wevorce

Possibly the least expected AI solution, wevorce has been developed to handle divorces more efficiently. After clients provide their information, it uses an algorithm to predict how the divorce will progress and then provides services based on the predictions.

10. #HashMe

If you struggle to think up ironic hashtags and witty comments, this AI will do the social media work for you by automatically generating tags.


Gifs courtesy of Giphy.

– Larissa Fedunik

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Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

Author: Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

Larissa is the editorial assistant for Careers with STEM and a Chemistry PhD student. Larissa’s goal is to promote public engagement with STEM through inspiring stories.


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