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Is your maths teacher a secret YouTube star?

From behind the maths desk, these teachers are also famous on YouTube

Have you ever checked to see if your maths teacher had a double life as a famous vlogger? There’s a trend happening on YouTube right now, where maths professors are streaming their lessons online. And yes, it’s about 25364% more entertaining than it sounds.


From: Texas, USA
Joined YouTube: 2007
Subscribers: 1.22 million
Total views: 351,168,486

Patrick is a mathematics teacher at Austin Community College and is on a mission to help people improve their maths game and grasp of basic mathematical principles. He says his videos are “nothing fancy” and “just clear explanations”, which is what we think is really cool about them! Check out his channel if you need help with things such as trigonometric functions, integrals and logarithms.

Eddie Woo

From: Sydney, Australia
Joined YouTube: 2012
Subscribers: 1.17 million
Total views: 78,342,539

Eddie uploads videos of his actual classroom lessons at Cherrybrook Technology High School. And they’re fun! He’s passionate about creating free Australian maths resources for students on their favourite medium – YouTube (or WooTube, as he calls his channel). Eddie says he didn’t love maths at school, but once he noticed all its patterns, relationships and connections, it became beautiful and surprising. His enthusiasm for maths will definitely rub off on you!

Matt Parker of Stand-up Maths

Based: London, UK
Joined YouTube: 2009
Subscribers: 801K
Total views: 83,333,324

Although Matt originally studied mechanical engineering at the University of Western Australia, he made the switch to mathematics and physics while writing comedy on the side. He then taught maths in Australia before moving to London, where he speaks at schools, helps students communicate maths and makes awesome videos. His goal? To get more people excited about maths! Hilarious and informative, Matt’s videos are perfect for anyone who likes their pi with a side of laughs.

Professor Leonard

From: California, USA
Joined YouTube: 2011
Subscribers: 509K
Total views: 40,442,843

If calculus is just not clicking for you, take a trip to Professor Leonard’s virtual classroom. He’s a professor of mathematics at Merced College and he posts entire lectures from his calculus classes. You’ll also find algebra, pre-algebra and statistics videos on his channel. Tip: his videos are looooong so grab some popcorn and settle in. Professor Leonard gets two big thumbs up from us because his lessons are easy to follow and they give you a lot of confidence!

Krista King

From: Indiana, USA
Joined YouTube: 2010
Subscribers: 221K
Total views: 33,153,392

Krista is your geeky, trusty maths tutor taking the frustration out of maths one YouTube video at a time. She makes videos on ALL the maths topics: calculating simple interest, graphing polar curves, integrals, imaginary numbers… she even teaches you how to put the sum in summation notation. Thanks, Krista! We are also big fans of her cheat-sheet style notes and formula sheets you can use as you follow along in her lessons.

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021.


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