Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Choosing electives

5 things you need to know about choosing electives

From playing to your strengths to looking into the future, here are five things you need to know about choosing electives in Year 11 and 12.
Image provided: Vani Vasan, Year 7 student at Kardinia International College, Victoria

Study only what you want to at school? Totally possible.

Vani Vasan from Kardinia International College in Geelong takes us through the selection process of an incredible set of subjects and electives in year...
Music - electives and STEM careers

Electives and cool STEM careers

From Ancient History to Food Technology, find out how electives can kickstart your STEM study and career path.

Quiz: Which high school science elective should you choose?

We help you narrow down the senior secondary science subjects offered by most Australian high schools.  

This is how you should choose your Year 11 and 12 electives, according to...

"I don’t know why, but some well-meaning advisors will suggest that you pick easy subjects so that you will achieve a higher raw score. Don’t do that!"

Why this year 10 student loves maths (and you should too!)

Year 10 student Klara Ehlenz from Sydney loves maths. So, when we asked her to explain what she loves about mathematics she gave us five (very persuasive) reasons why she adores this polarising topic.

Quiz: What’s your cyber security career?

Cyber security career
Could you be a pen tester, security engineer or a computer forensics analyst?

How a team of flying scientists are increasing regional STEM representation

Flying scientist visits are bringing STEM to even the most remote regions

STEM experts weigh in on TikTok’s trending beekeepers

Bee Lady
Texas Beeworks’ Erika Thompson has been accused by other users of staging her TikTok videos and handling bees in an unsafe manner.