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Early offers

More and more universities are offering places to prospective students, even before ATARs are released. We explore how this works, the pros and cons, and what it means for you and your future study path.

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swinburne university atar covid--19
Early offers

Swinburne Uni dumps ATAR for popular degrees

From 2021, Melbourne’s Swinburne University has announced you won’t need an ATAR at all to get into a bunch its popular Bachelor’s degrees, including science and engineering.

Early offers

Is the ATAR over?

The ultimate goal of high school is to get a great ATAR to help with your university admission, but studies are showing more students choosing alternative pathways to study. So, is the ATAR over?

ATAR apocalypse
Early offers

The ATAR apocalypse

The ATAR apocalypse doesn’t have to be real. Even if you don’t get the marks you want, there are so many ways to get into the tertiary study of your dreams.