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Teachers News

Check out Teachers News for tips on incorporating STEM learning ideas into your STEM programs and curriculums, and inspo for the next generation of STEM educators.

Visit the Teachers’ Hub for more information on how to navigate Careers with STEM for Teachers. There’s magazines, teacher guides, free resources, career role-models for students and much, much more!

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Podcast: Teaching digital technologies in high schools

Heather Catchpole, co-founder and head of content of Careers with STEM and Refraction Media, spoke with James Curran, CEO of Grok Academy, on tools, tips and techniques to teach digital technologies in 2024.

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Girls Day out in STEM event
Careers with STEM Events

Girls STEM event heads into the future

The countdown is on to the most exciting girls STEM event this year, get ready to take off to the future


5 ways teachers are using ChatGPT

From writing class plans to communicating with parents, teachers are experimenting with AI, using ChatGPT and learning from each other.

UNSW Bragg Student Prize tips for teachers
Teachers News

UNSW Bragg Student Prize: 5 tips for teachers

This year’s topic, AI in science, is definitely a hot one. But how do you integrate it into your classroom? We asked two of this year’s judges (who just so happen to be teachers) for fresh ideas!