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Careers with Engineering

Glenda Caldwell

Glenda Caldwell looks at how we can integrate tech into architecture to create better living spaces

Kate Watson

Engineering & science student, QUT
Kate Watson is studying two degrees to build a career that will help combat climate change in Australia

Brooke Lloyd

Director, COX Architecture
Brooke Lloyd is using her STEM skills to create sustainable and people-centric interiors

Zoe Eather

Creativity is more important for building better cities and towns than you think. Just ask Zoe Eather

Lily Kenway

Student structural & façade engineer
Lily Kenway is mixing engineering, architecture and a passion for sustainability to build her dream career.

Angela Begg

Sustainability consultant
Angela Begg spent her uni years learning how to engineer renewable energy, until a LinkedIn DM landed her a job for real

Danika Smith

Water engineer
Danika turned her love of STEM and passion for the environment into a fulfilling career focussed on water infrastructure

Veronica Corinaldi

Pavement Engineer
Inspired by Italy’s ancient infrastructure, Veronica is using her engineering skills to help people and communities across Australia

Elaiza Luker

QUT PhD Candidate
Elaiza Luker is researching the structural integrity of materials used in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.

Bianca Shepherd

Engineering Support Workshop Manager
ANSTO’s Engineering Support Workshop Manager Bianca Shepherd oversees the manufacturing of parts for Australia’s only nuclear reactor

Michael Williams

Mechanical Engineer
Engineers play a huge role in creating new and improved materials for everything from sports to the green economy

Hans Lohr

Materials and Processes Research Officer
Hans Lohr is upcycling factory robots to 3D-print metal parts in a cheaper way

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