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Jade Lai

Graduate structural engineer
Working with big design for big vehicles is a big deal in structural engineering and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved

Daniel Field

Stratoship designer
Engineering has led Daniel Field to work on everything from aircraft maintenance to a giant airship that travels around the edge of our atmosphere

Emily Ahern

Physics PhD student
Emily Ahern works on atomic clocks which are super helpful in the race to space!


Electronics engineer, RAAF
Mohamed uses his aerospace engineering skills to help protect Australia from air and missile threats

David Lambkin

David Lambkin went from building parts for mining excavators to helping medical researchers as a biostatistician, all with engineering

Daniel Leong

Biomedical engineer
PhD student Daniel Leong has always dreamed of controlling devices with his mind

Sarah Eisenmenger

Founder, ZEST Robotics
Sarah Eisenmenger mixes engineering, robotics and AI with business to help close the STEM gap in schools

Abby Hutchins

Graduate mechanical engineer
If you love variety, like Abby Hutchins does, you might want to consider a career with a consulting engineering firm

Ashleigh Nicholls

Energy analyst
Studying renewable energy has taken Ashleigh Nicholls to Germany where she gets to travel Europe and tap the German language skills she learnt in school

Akshat Sharma

Application engineer
Akshat Sharma’s curiosity and perseverance have seen him help other aspiring engineers towards a dream career like his

Melinda Jeffrey

Engineering trades teacher
Melinda Jeffery wasn’t keen on uni so she chose a vocational pathway and became a star apprentice instead. She now teaches others how to have successful careers

Pranavi Gangapuri

Graduate developer
Pranavi Gangapuri loves the diversity of engineering and the fun social activities that her graduate developer role offers

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