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Careers with Maths

Dr Nicole White

QUT graduate and Senior Research Fellow Dr Nicole White uses her background in maths and statistics to find meaning in healthcare data

Kate Helmstedt

Mathematician & senior lecturer
Kate is researching how different water regulations might influence farmers’ decisions

Emma Studerus

Bachelor of Data Science student
Think doing a data science degree from home is impossible? Think again! Emma Studerus is on the task

Thomas Craddock

Management consultant
Thomas Craddock works at major employer PwC, helping people in industry solve their problems

James Burnett

Maths master
James Burnett has dedicated his career to helping make mathematics more meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to all

Jessica Galpin

High school STEM teacher
Jessica Galpin is using her role as a high school maths and science teacher to encourage more women and girls to kickstart STEM pathways 

Amanda Woodhams

Arborist & horticulturist
Amanda Woodhams’ love of the outdoors took her career to new heights

Helen Ramsay

Health reseacher & epidemiologist
The study of statistics provided Helen Ramsay with a gateway to an interesting career as public health researcher and epidemiologist

Dr Eben Afrifa-Yamoah

From high school teacher in Ghana to researcher and lecturer in Western Australia, Dr Eben Afrifa-Yamoah is passionate about making maths fun

Philip Conway

Perils pricing manager
As a perils pricing manager for IAG, Philip quantifies the impact of natural disasters and climate change.

Michaela Dolk

Flood analyst
As a flood analyst, Michaela specialises in flood risk, but also works on other perils, including earthquakes and cyclones.

Josh Ross

Co-founder, Humanitix
Josh Ross is using his background in finance to help those in need access education

Quantum careers for everyone: join the information revolution!

What are quantum careers and who are they for? Get the low-down from Peter Turner, CEO of the Sydney Quantum Academy

Mix engineering with energy for a bright career

Dr Morley Muse - renewable energy engineering
We explore cool opportunities in renewable energy engineering and take a look at some of the challenges you’ll need to tackle with STEM skills.

Everything you need to know about becoming a biomedical engineer

Biomedical Engineer
A biomedical engineer works at the intersection of tech and human biology, using their problem-solving skills to save lives. Find out how to become one!