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Careers with Maths

Nguyễn Ngọc Hải

Data scientist, KPMG
Nguyễn Ngọc Hải spills the beans on what it’s like to work in finance at one of the big four accounting firms

Asli Yoruk

Data scientist
Finding insights in data to bring clarity and inform decisions is all in a day’s work for Asli Yoruk

Jeremy Stoddard

Senior research engineer
Jeremy Stoddard is mad about maths and music, which makes his job at Dolby the perfect fit

Faye Wang

Economist, RBA
Want a planet-saving career? Consider economics!

Mikaela Jade

In her business teaching digital skills and using augmented reality to tell stories of Indigenous cultural areas in 3D, entrepreneur Mikaela Jade uses maths and data every day

Jessica Pritchard

Operations manager
Jessica Pritchard has a lot to juggle, but she says it’s her grounding in maths and logic that gets her through the toughest days

Corine Brown

Working in weather proved to be the perfect path for meteorologist Corine Brown, who uses maths and data every single day

Angus Yallop

Geospatial specialist
Angus struggled with maths in high school – but he kept at it and now gets paid to crunch numbers

Bilal Takach

Technology graduate, CBA
Technology graduate Bilal Takach uses code to automate manual tasks for Commonwealth Bank, saving teams hours of time each month

Fusun Yu

Senior analyst
Fusun Yu uses data and analytics skills to help Commonwealth Bank customers affected by natural disasters

Kanu Agarwal

Data scientist
Data scientist Kanu Agarwal caught the data bug at uni and has never looked back

Lachlan Butler

Metal fabricator
Lachlan Butler credits high school maths with setting him up for a successful trade career

Project management skills are the next big thing for career success: here’s why

PMI - Project management career
Arming yourself with dynamic project management skills, you’ll always be in demand!

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