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Lisa came up with an amazing app idea when she was having one of her worst moments.

Whether you’ve got a licence to drive or still waiting for those L plates, these ladies are going to save you a LOT of time – 124 days of your life, to be exact.

That’s how long they’ve estimated you could spend trying to find a park over your lifetime – an average of 15 minutes per journey. Or you could try their new app, Share with Oscar, and save yourself a whole lotta trouble.

Share with Oscar is a parking share app, and founders Lisa Qi and Louise Chen are real life parking angels. Lisa came up with the app idea when she was having a bout of road rage herself. She was on her way to lunch at Bondi and could not find ANYWHERE to park.

“Many of you can relate to the pain and the utter frustration that I felt circling the streets, just trying to find a park,” says Lisa. “I was circling for more than 40 minutes. I was ready to go home. The beach, lunch and friends – they were no longer worth it! I was in a state of rage.”

But it was a classic case of when one of the worst moments in your life turns into one of the best – because it leads to an awesome idea. Lisa ended up knocking on the door of a Bondi local and asked if she could park in their driveway. The guy said yes, and a light bulb went on in Lisa’s head. She realised that there were a whole lot of friendly locals in every city who’d be happy to share their driveway – if someone would just make that app.

That someone is now Lisa, who’s using her psychology degree as a brand new entrepreneur while her co-founder Louise is learning how to to code their app…Continue reading

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“The psychology degree has helped,’ says Lisa. “Understanding people and the way they act and behave – we apply that to our app. We’re taking a human-centred approach. It helps with marketing too.”

But while Lisa is working on big-picture strategy, Louise is the one who’s getting stuck into the nuts and bolts of making the app. She studied law at uni so now she’s learning to code on the fly – with the help of an experienced app developer.

Louise says it’s all part of being an entrepreneur.

“Starting a business is all about learning new things and new skills and continuous learning all the time.

“Anything is possible. In the beginning it might seem really hard, but as long as you surround yourself with people who are supportive, you’ll get there. There were times we wanted to give up, but because we had those positive people around us, we’re here tonight.”

Lisa and Louise pitched their app to investors last night at a demo day held by Google and Knowledge Commercialisation Australia (KCA). KCA brought together a bunch of startup founders from uni accelerators, which are university programs that help people turn their ideas into real startups.

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Check out Share with Oscar here. Why Oscar? You’ll have to ask Lisa and Louise!

– Elise Roberts

app idea

“There were times when we wanted to give up, but because we had positive people around us, we’re here tonight.”

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