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Sport is so much more than kicking a ball. From athlete performance analysts to sports data scientists there are so many sports careers to explore.

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MORE Sports


Career win! Jobs in sportstech

Hop, skip or jump your way into an exciting career using technology to make sports safer, more competitive and more fun

STEM + Sports

Quiz: What’s your STEM + sports career?

Love sports? You can totally combine that passion with STEM to create a future-proof (and fun!) career. Take our quiz to see what gig suits you best.

Food & Fitness careers

Create the health kick of tomorrow

Whether it’s training top footy players or designing healthy diets for patients with chronic illnesses, the career opportunities in food and fitness are epic

DARPA Subterranean challenge
Latest news

Get set for the Robot Olympics

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge going down in the US this month, and a Brisbane-based team of robotics experts will be remotely repping Australia!

robot soccer UNSW
Latest news

Will robots win the soccer World Cup in 2050?

RoboCup 2019 kicks off in Sydney this week. The tournament was created in 1997 to advance intelligent robots, with the ultimate goal of fielding a team of robots that can beat the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050.

Fun stuff

Become a tech champion with robot soccer!

Did you know you can combine the Robocup with your study to count towards a degree from UNSW? These students are making the most of their robotics tournaments, and increasing their employability while they do it!