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    Kelvin O'Shea

    Kelvin O’Shea’s days are all about being creative and solving problems.

    As the sole product designer in the growth team of a market-leading software company, his challenge is to “create great experiences for people who are having their first interaction with us.”

    ‘Us’ is Tanda, a dynamic young company that relieves businesses of admin headaches by streamlining payrolls, rosters, timesheets and other workforce management tasks.

    Tanda is the brainchild of four Queensland University of Technology (QUT) alumni.

    When Kelvin started at QUT, he was a long way from his information systems major and was actually enrolled in law.

    “I never wrote a line of code until I was outside of high school,” he says. “But I saw that tech was where the world was going.

    My uni experience really kicked off when I switched degrees.” Kelvin moved from law to a four-year, double degree in IT and interactive/visual design.

    Later, Kelvin realised QUT was more than just a place to go and study. He joined the IT club and met like-minded students and potential employers.

    He also got a part-time job at QUT, discovering more QUT networks, including the Tanda founders.

    Kelvin scored a Tanda internship in his third year, and stayed on part-time until graduating. He then joined the team full-time.

    The best part about working in computer science? “There’s always a challenge,” Kelvin says, “and I’m always creatively problem solving.”

    – Lauren Martin


    This profile is brought to you in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology.

    I’m always creatively problem solving.”

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    Lauren Martin

    Author: Lauren Martin

    Lauren is an award-winning Sydney-based journalist and communications specialist. She’s been an editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, The Global Mail, the Vineyard Gazette and Institutional Investor.


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