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UNSW Bragg Prize

Meet some real life wildlife biologists

Be inspired by amazing work happening in conservation and biodiversity and start formulating a strong theme for your own Bragg essay!

Bragg Prize Judges 2024
Teachers News

Meet the judges: Bragg Prize 2024

Love science and writing? The UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing opens for entries April 29.

UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing
UNSW Bragg Prize

Congratulations to the 2023 Bragg Prize winners

Drum roll please… Here are the winners of the 2023 UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing Ethical issues, future developments, and applications in sport

Bragg Prize AI
UNSW Bragg Prize

Bragg Prize runner-up: AI in Sports Science

In his response to this year’s theme, how we use and benefit from AI (with a particular focus on science), Leeming Senior High School student Zavier Argent explores the application of AI in the field of sports science.