Women in STEM

Looking for role models, mentors, speakers and generally amazing people working in science, technology, engineering and maths ?

We’re proud to have profiled more than 75 women in STEM and look forward to bringing you many more stories of people combining STEM with their ‘X’ – their passion, interest or another field.

Khushi Shelat


Khushi Shelat is a chief ambassador for Australian startup Changemakeher, encouraging young female entrepreneurs to foster ideas into world-impacting change.

Lily Serna

Data star

Mathematician and TV presenter Lily Serna is a numbers whiz who makes maths accessible to everyone.
Sophia Guo, Risk Graduate from Commonwealth Bank graduate program

Sophia Guo

Risk graduate

Sophia thanks the CommBank grad program for a kick start to her career in analytics and analysis
Dr Lamiae Azizi, research statistician at USyd

Dr Lamiae Azizi

Research statistician

Dr Lamiae Azizi is saving the world as a lecturer and research statistician; by working towards a cure for cancer, and improving machine learning.
Hayley van Waas, Software Engineer and CS Education

Hayley van Waas

CS education

From considering careers in everything from nursing to Google, Hayley van Waas may have just found her niche in Computer Science (CS) education.
Free Sobolewski, Indigenous maths student study maths

Free Sobolewski

Maths undergrad

Free Sobolewski has always wanted to study maths. Thanks to Indigenous internship program, CareerTrackers, she's on track to a career in maths.
Study marine biology like Vanessa Pirotta, Marine biologist/Marine scientist

Vanessa Pirotta

Marine biologist

Vanessa Pirotta always wanted to study marine biology. Now a PhD student, she's using drones to collect whale snot to improve whale health.