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Careers in Health

Careers in health

Interested in careers in health? Here are a few reasons why you could be on the path to an amazing future.

Applied psychology

Mind matters

Study at The Australian College of Applied Psychology today to prepare for the psychology of the future.

occupational health and safety advisor

Safer lives

Careers as an occupational health and safety advisor are in high demand.

Biomedical animation

Sunshine Vitamin

Watch a biomedical animation that shows you the amazing things that go on inside your body when you step into the sunlight.


Cyborg tech

Precision medicine and bionics could be your best route to a career helping the world live happier, healthier lives.

Health technology

Health technology

From smart robotics to groundbreaking medical tests, healthcare is evolving at breakneck speed.

Engineering and computer science

Create and capture

By combining engineering and computer science skills, you can use visual information to advance healthcare and emergency services.

Playing it smart

From mechanical limbs to robot helpers, new technologies are transforming healthcare.

Pep talk

UQ helped these students turn their unique healthcare idea into a booming business.

Smarter diagnosis

Macquarie University researchers are unlocking the health potential of everyday devices.