Thursday, May 19, 2022
Conservation careers

Get paid to save the planet: STEM careers in conservation

Do you love plants and animals? Enjoy spending time outdoors? A conservation science pathway could be in your sights
Australian Open

9 STEM careers behind the Australian Open

The Australian Open has got us thinking about all the awesome ways to combine STEM with sport
Medical sceince

5 surprising medical science roles

Interested in the human body but don’t want to be a “regular” doc? Here are five examples of emerging STEM fields you can consider instead
Heroes of COVID-19 - CovidBaseAU

Science heroes of COVID-19

Meet Aussies who have played key roles in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Science and the human body

STEM careers in science + the human body

The human body remains an exciting frontier of science, full of opportunity for innovation and discovery
bachelor of sciencevideo

QUIZ: Which area of science should you study?

Stuck between Chemistry, Physics or Biology? We'll help you break it down and match you to your perfect Bachelor of Science degree.
World's first true millipede

Scientists discover world’s first true millipede in WA

One of the coolest things about working in science is that there's always more to discover. Just ask the team of CSIRO scientists who have just discovered the world’s first true millipede!
The A-Z STEM careers listvideo

The A-Z of STEM careers

From astrophysicists to zoologists, we hunt down the coolest science roles in the job-verse for our A-Z STEM careers list. And nope, they don't require a lab coat.
STEM cooking experiments

Cooking experiments: 10 STEM recipes to try

Explore these 10 STEM recipes that'll make you feel like a scientist and a chef all at once
The STEM in agriculture

The STEM in agriculture

Dreaming of a gig in STEM and agriculture? From space to statistics, the opportunities are endless!
Health science career

Quiz: What’s your health science career?

If you're keen on a health science career but stuck on what to specialise in, our quiz will help narrow your search down.

Calling all frog citizen scientists!

Australian frogs are the signallers of the dangers of climate change and need your help! Enter the great citizen science effort from the Australian Museum: Frog ID!

QUIZ: What’s your STEM + X?

Take a STEM discipline, and mix in your X (your passion or hobby) and you've got a one-of-a-kind career!

Click and career: Maths jobs in retail

Maths retail careers
Retail is undergoing a tech revolution – and there are loads of future-focused jobs for sale

Total life saver! Maths skills in medicine

maths careers
Discover how the maths topics you’re learning today help healthcare professionals save lives, everyday